How Often Should I Clean My Carpet? Bel Air, MD carpet cleaning

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

As a professional carpet cleaner in Bel Air, MD one of the most frequently asked questions we get is how often should I clean my carpet?  Hard as it is to believe, most carpeting that is replaced has never been professionally cleaned!  Regular professional cleaning extends the life of your carpet and saves you the tremendous amount of money required to replace prematurely worn carpet.  Carpets cleaned on a regular basis provide a healthy, safe living environment for you and your family, at the same time adding years of life to one of the larger investments in your home.

There are many factors that determine how often your carpet should be cleaned.  The type of carpet fiber and construction, and the number of occupants are two important factors.  Another consideration is whether or not there are pets in the home.  A general guide to how often carpets should be cleaned can be found here.

Besides regular professional cleaning, the most important thing you need to do regularly is vacuum frequently and treat spots as soon as possible.  These two steps, along with regular professional carpet cleaning, will greatly extend the life of one of the largest investments in your home.


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